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planktonheretic: Since it’ll probably take me …


Since it’ll probably take me a while to do all of our guild, I figure I’ll post individual versions along the way. Subject to some final revisions, but here is the centerpiece – glorious leader Ariyel!

I’ve really gotta figure out a way to do good eye glow effects. Maybe I’ll have something by the time the whole cast is done…

planktonheretic: Commission – Emaryne for @cur…


Commission – Emaryne for @curious-courier

Emaryne strikes again! This outfit was based on a very snazzy 3D piece she had done recently. Really happy with how this one came together!

planktonheretic: 1000+ Giveaway #1 – Maeskia D…


1000+ Giveaway #1 – Maeskia Duskwhisper for @heelsandtorment

The first finished bit from this round of giveaways! Hopefully the rest will be joining her shortly. 

pendere: planktonheretic: 1000+ Giveaway #4 – …



1000+ Giveaway #4 – Taryane for @pendere

@planktonheretic was the first artist I ever commissioned. It’s an honour to have him create another piece for me for this giveaway. Thank you so much!