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Ailill and Calanon 10.08.18Ailill and Calano…

Ailill and Calanon 


Ailill and Calanon are characters in the fanfic At the Edge of Lasg’len by Spamberguesa and AnnEllspethRaven.

From author: 

 Ailill is a falconer who is well-regarded by all in his field but is a bit of a mess in his personal life. One day he finds out that Tolkien’s elves are real, and is brought into their midst. This is how he meets Calanon, a wood-elf in the service of King Thranduil. Calanon was born close to the end of the Third Age of Middle Earth, and was an elfling during the Battle Under the Trees. This unlikely pair finds each other in companionship and love, and furthers one of the central messages of our story–that love abides in many different forms.

The portrait of a toad 01.02.18“ Do you wa…

The portrait of a toad


Do you want to know the color of some souls? You know.. better not

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«Хочешь знать какого цвета у людей бывают души? Знаешь, лучше не надо» (с)

Lorna!27/07/18 Ordered by Stevie http://spamb…



Ordered by Stevie

“… Now it was Lorna who took her hand. Her rage had largely spent itself; she was on her way back to whatever passed for normal for her. It might not last, but it would for a while, at least. She was still so damaged – there were still a thousand fissures in her soul nobody but Sharley would be able to see, but through them shone a light so bright it sometimes hurt to look at her….”

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For talented and awesome Spiced Wine!



“From Magnificat of the Damned Book III: Fire.

Coldagnir turned his head, kissed Vanimórë’s mouth, and then he ran. Into the sky. Titan wings of fire unfurled from nothing, clapped and rushed, bearing him aloft. He whirled, twisting in a uprushing blossom of flame, hair slashing outward like whips, eyes ablaze, windows onto his being, his truest self, and he rose and rose until he became a red-gold star that raced, straight as an arrow, toward Angmar. And then he dropped, like a meteor hurled from the hand of God.Not too close to Carn Dûm, Vanimórë had warned him, and not too far. Enough to panic those within the fortress, to terrify Malantur, Mouth of Sauron, afresh, perhaps to spoil whatever unearthly rites he performed on this night.Coldagnir struck the taiga like a fireball, shock-waves lapping outward and striking the mountains in a concatenation of thunder.

And Carn Dûm trembled to its roots. ~…”



for Kirena


Isak and Eirik

Isak and Eirik

based on the series SKAM

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for the fanfic

Akutagawa and Rashomon

Akutagawa and Rashomon

in Dark Fantasy style! 

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Very happy family of elves for  AnnEllspethR…

Very happy family of elves for 

AnnEllspethRaven and 



and their fanfic


Thanadir, Earlene, and Thranduil, primary characters in the fan fiction “At the Edge of Lasg’len” by AnnEllspethRaven and Spamberguesa. A loving scene of this married trio relaxing in the Heart Room of Eldamar.

For very beautiful girl – Divina… the p…

For very beautiful girl – Divina… the piece of a dream…

The portrait based on the shot.


For the most patient girl in the world!

For the most patient girl in the world!

This is a story in 3 artworks, of a doctor and his dead girlfriend…