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1. The wedding of Tuor and Idril (finally completed the center!)
2. Maeglin
3. Glorfindel, Ecthelion
4. Statue of Ainu at Gar Ainion (I couldn’t make up my mind who it is)

thegirlwhohid: And Tuor remained in Gondolin,…


And Tuor remained in Gondolin, for its bliss and its beauty and the wisdom of its people held mm enthralled; and he became mighty in stature and in mind, and learned deeply of the lore of the exiled Elves. Then the heart of Idril was turned to him, and his to her; and Maeglin’s secret hatred grew ever greater, for he desired above all things to possess her, the only heir of the King of Gondolin. But so high did Tuor stand in the favour of the King that when he had dwelt there for seven years Turgon did not refuse him even the hand of his daughter; for though he would not heed the bidding of Ulmo, he perceived that the fate of the Noldor was wound with the one whom Ulmo had sent; and he did not forget the words that Huor spoke to him before the host of Gondolin departed from the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

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Silmarillion Inktober Day 18

Tuor & Idril ❤️



Walk’n in a winter wonderland

Princess by LiigaKlavina

Princess by LiigaKlavina




Passing the time

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Idril Celebrindal

11-12 Oct 2013
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Idril’s great! She knows how to read people, plan an exile, PLUS she had the courage to sail to Valinor with her aging husband knowing he’d probably be turned away! Elves hold that he wasn’t, but there’s no proof of that lbr

Also she’s the Princess of Gondolin, daughter of Turgon, wife of Tuor, and mother of Eärendil.

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modern tolkien ♥︎ idril celebrindal

and I want to be free
when my heart is made from gold
and forgiveness seems too bold
I still find it in my heart
to say “I love you”

sumeriasmith: And here we have Idril Celebrind…


And here we have Idril Celebrindal, Turgon’s daughter and Elrond’s grandmother, and the only person in Gondolin to whom it apparently occurred that an exit strategy might be called for.  I have this idea that Noldor in general and the Gondolodrim in particular went in for very bright colors, and I wanted this one to be quite lush, as, let’s face it: until the balrogs showed up, Gondolin was probably the nicest and most sheltered place to live in Beleriand.

And for anyone wondering: sweet peas are still not as terrible to draw as Columbines.

Next up…still not sure, still taking votes/requests.