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Felannar (cover 2) Ordered by R.K.Lander. For…

Felannar (cover 2)

Ordered by R.K.Lander. For the second cover of the awesome book “Road of a warrior”!

And I feel proud, yes!))) We have made the great job)))

For talented and awesome Spiced Wine!  https:…

For talented and awesome Spiced Wine!



“From Magnificat of the Damned Book III: Fire.

Coldagnir turned his head, kissed Vanimórë’s mouth, and then he ran. Into the sky. Titan wings of fire unfurled from nothing, clapped and rushed, bearing him aloft. He whirled, twisting in a uprushing blossom of flame, hair slashing outward like whips, eyes ablaze, windows onto his being, his truest self, and he rose and rose until he became a red-gold star that raced, straight as an arrow, toward Angmar. And then he dropped, like a meteor hurled from the hand of God.Not too close to Carn Dûm, Vanimórë had warned him, and not too far. Enough to panic those within the fortress, to terrify Malantur, Mouth of Sauron, afresh, perhaps to spoil whatever unearthly rites he performed on this night.Coldagnir struck the taiga like a fireball, shock-waves lapping outward and striking the mountains in a concatenation of thunder.

And Carn Dûm trembled to its roots. ~…”

Zayel and Darius. Warhammer.

Zayel and Darius. Warhammer.

For Andrea!




for Kirena


whale rock #015 by DONG HUN KIM

whale rock #015 by DONG HUN KIM

Lisa (^_^) from Blackpink https://instagram….

Lisa (^_^) from Blackpink

“Fire transmission” by Raymond -hh…

“Fire transmission” by Raymond -hh

Very atmosphere scene..