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Werecat  Chiara Facinelli


Chiara Facinelli

Ordered by Elina

From author:

“ Everyone knows about the lycanthropes – human beings who transform into wolves during the full moon, thinking that it’s the only way of shape-shifting. But is everything that simple and definite? Life of a young woman named Chiara Facinelli proves the opposite. She is one of such creatures herself, but of a totally different type; and everyone is oblivious to this fact. Most of surrounding people think that she is weird, and some peers, especially the female ones, sometimes tease her. But do not ever judge anyone by appearance. You can never know who is standing before you…”



I’ve drawn 2 versions of the artwork. B\w and colored. And honestly I can’t choose one of them that’s why I post them both)

But my heart with b\w version. It’s so like an old school :3

Melkor and Edenel.Ordered by Spiced Wine https…

Melkor and Edenel.

Ordered by Spiced Wine

The text from the author :
Vanimórë watched, time compacted into moments, as the Quendi entered Utumno in their beauty — and what they became.
But not all of them. There were some whom the fires of agony and horror burned white. Their souls screamed them into another kind of purity. They crawled from the crucible of nightmare a strange alchemy of Ainu sorcery and their own indomitable will. Leached of colour, pearl-white of hair and eyes, still beautiful, they were Melkor’s White Slayers. Through Coldagnir’s memories, Vanimórë was unable to explore their minds, did not know what thoughts lay under the pain-annealed loveliness of their faces.
Magnificat of the Damned Book III: Fire.

Happy Halloween Witch 

Happy Halloween Witch 

 I didn’t forget about Halloween. Honestly – didn’t have enough time to draw an art. But I wanted!
Because it’s one of a few holidays that I really like.
So, with a delay but let it be!))
Happy Halloween bro! xD

For Stevie and her lovely character Lorna&he…

For Stevie and her lovely character Lorna… <3

 Ordered by Stevie 21.10.18. 

Text by the author:

There is no need to be so destructive, Lorna,” Von Ratched said, sounding entirely too calm. “I told you I would not harm you like that, and I mean it.” His eyes glinted in the shadows, unholy and inhuman. “But you must bear in mind that I could. I could do anything I wanted to you, but I will not. However much you try my patience.”
She spat at him again. “Try it and I’ll kill everyone in this place,” she growled. “I could, and you know it. Now get. Off. Me.”
That did it. Pure instinct made her flip the nightstand, smashing it over his head, his back, wood splintering under the force of her telekinesis. Her telepathy lashed out at the same time, and he actually cringed, wincing at the force of her combined assault. It was enough to let her throw him off, though it turned her shoulder into a well of agony. He was a dead man, even if he didn’t know it yet.
She brought the chair around with as much force as she could, and was rewarded by Von Ratched’s hiss of pain. “You said you wouldn’t underestimate me again, arsehole,” she snapped. “Too late.”
Her fingers closed on something cold and metallic — her knife, knocked aside when she swung the tray. With a feral snarl Lorna brought it around and plunged it right into his chest, sheer strength making up for its bluntness. It drove through skin and muscle with a sickening, tearing squish, but he still didn’t cry out.
“Die in a motherfucking fire, you twat,” she snarled, twisting the knife with all the force she could summon. Hot blood poured over her fingers, smearing halfway up her arms as he thrashed, and she grinned savagely. All thought, all rationality, all Lorna was gone, replaced by a being of pure fury.


The Crows

The Crows


Felannar (cover 2) Ordered by R.K.Lander. For…

Felannar (cover 2)

Ordered by R.K.Lander. For the second cover of the awesome book “Road of a warrior”!

And I feel proud, yes!))) We have made the great job)))

For talented and awesome Spiced Wine!  https:…

For talented and awesome Spiced Wine!



“From Magnificat of the Damned Book III: Fire.

Coldagnir turned his head, kissed Vanimórë’s mouth, and then he ran. Into the sky. Titan wings of fire unfurled from nothing, clapped and rushed, bearing him aloft. He whirled, twisting in a uprushing blossom of flame, hair slashing outward like whips, eyes ablaze, windows onto his being, his truest self, and he rose and rose until he became a red-gold star that raced, straight as an arrow, toward Angmar. And then he dropped, like a meteor hurled from the hand of God.Not too close to Carn Dûm, Vanimórë had warned him, and not too far. Enough to panic those within the fortress, to terrify Malantur, Mouth of Sauron, afresh, perhaps to spoil whatever unearthly rites he performed on this night.Coldagnir struck the taiga like a fireball, shock-waves lapping outward and striking the mountains in a concatenation of thunder.

And Carn Dûm trembled to its roots. ~…”

Zayel and Darius. Warhammer.

Zayel and Darius. Warhammer.

For Andrea!