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The Crows

The Crows


This book cover was ordered by Mark Collins …

This book cover was ordered by Mark Collins for his novel “ Journey of the Acolyte”


I like this drawing)) For me it looks like Hobbit theme a little bit))

Idernon13.10.18 Ordered by R.K.Lander for the…



Ordered by R.K.Lander for the “The Silvan Book”

The character in the great series of novels by R.K.Lander (the covers are drawn by me too!)

Let me to introduce you guys my completed co…

Let me to introduce you guys my completed cover for incredible new book by Stevie “The Storm Of M”! ❤️
Congratulations Stevie! @spamberguesa ☀️ And me too 😆
And now “The Storm of M” is available in Amazon 🤟

\the original art you can see there

The Doddess of Drow

The Doddess of Drow


Ordered by Lil


Felannar ❤️

Felannar ❤️


The main character and true hero in incredible novels by R.K.Lander (the covers are drawn by me too!)

Ordered by R.K.Lander




Sontur.29.09.18Ordered by R.K.Lander The 2 el…



Ordered by R.K.Lander

The 2 elvish character in “black and white” for the awesome

novels by R.K.Lander  The Silvan Book (the covers are drawn by me too!)




The Storm.

The Storm.


Such a fantasy and unusual hurricane))

Ordered by Stevie @spamberguesa  as a cover for her 2 book! <3 <3 <3

The link for the book will be soon and now – just art))

And a few words from the author:

“Several hundred miles away, the storm was raging over the Garden, too.

The twins, who had been playing in the yard while Lorna weeded, were quite indignant at being ushered hastily inside as soon as the thunder started. Like most children, they had an instinctive love of storms — they felt the power without an adult’s worry about potential danger.

They watched in awe as wind roared down the mountain, sweeping like great invisible fingers through the trees and tossing boughs about like twigs. They watched the dark storm clouds overtake the far fog-wall, watched them creep and spread across the sky like a massive bruise. Flashes of silver would gild purple hollows for a fraction of a second, and slender veins of white-hot lightning met and danced against the darkness. So thick was the static in the air that it made the twins’ hair stand on end, the lightning rendering their eyes bright as mercury….”