tajmahart: Finwë’s Daughters Faniel, Lalwen …


Finwë’s Daughters

Faniel, Lalwen Irimë, Findis

Faniel is youngest, actually scrapped but I’m just going to ignore that and pretend she was born after Finwë followed Fëanor in his banishment hence never meeting his youngest child and she, without her father, not as strong in spirit as her siblings. Favours light fabrics and soft dresses.

Lalwen favours bright colours and rich fabrics, and what colour is happier than yellow? She followed her brothers out of curiosity, not ambition. Finds joy in the littlest things. Greatly missed by her sisters and Finarfin while away, she has the ability to brighten anyone’s day.

Findis is the older daughter and also the most Vanyar of the sisters. Ironically enough she bears an uncanny physical resemblance to her father not her mother. She favours the Vanyar style in, well, everything. Feathers are common and light, soft colours.