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Faniel and Findis

Daughters of FInwë

Findis and Faniel followed their mother to live with the Vanyar and often held each other company. They severely missed their sister who had followed their brothers to Arda. 

As Faniel disappeared somewhere in Tolkien’s notes and might not be considered a canon character I’ve taken som headcanon liberties when drawing up her character. I imagine she was born after FInwë followed Fëanor and therefore never met her father. In consequence, her spirit is not as strong as her siblings. Some might assume she’s shy, but it’s rather that she doesn’t generally waste energy on things she’s uninterested in and always thinks before she speaks. She has a sly, but not unkind, sense of humor only a selected few are aware of – she very much enjoys laughing at people in private without them knowing. 

FIndis is the oldest daughter and, deeply hurt and angry about Fëanor’s betrail, embraced her Vanyar ancestry more than any of her siblings. Ironically enough she also bears the most uncanny resemblance to her father, and in extension Fëanor. Because of that she makes a point of dressing and “acting” as Vanyar as possible (though her Noldor temper sometimes shows it honest face). The only Noldor piece she wears is the headpiece her dear father gifted her before his passing. She also keeps her hair long as she always loved her father’s long flowing hair. 

I have a picture with the sisters, including Lalwen, on my blog.  

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