tajmahart: Findis  Daughter of Finwë and Indi…



Daughter of Finwë and Indis

She did not join the exile but stayed in Valinor with Indis and Finarfin. 

Findis is the oldest daughter and, deeply hurt and angry about Fëanor’s betrayal embraced her Vanyar ancestry more than any of her siblings. Ironically enough she also bears the most uncanny resemblance to her father, and in extension Fëanor (though she’s deny the second to her last breath). Because of that, she makes a point of dressing and “acting” as Vanyar as possible (though her Noldor temper sometimes shows it honest face, not to mention her passive aggressiveness). The only Noldor piece she wears is the headpiece her dear father gifted her before his passing. She also keeps her hair long as she always loved her father’s long flowing hair.

She is good friends with her sister but will always have a special bond with Finarfin as they understand each other the most out of all siblings. He takes her council very seriously.

I think she’s wed but I have no idea with whom. I assume some Vanyar prince/nobleman or some Teleri fisherman.

She has the air of a queen and might feel cold and unapproachable, but when she cares she cares deeply and is, in fact, a very warm person once you get past the steel surface. Strong and unyielding, grieves deeply but loves just as deep.