Powers of Luthien Tinuviel

Based on the various poems and the like about her

  • Shapeshifting
  • Plant manipulation (or some kind of passive growth effect?)
  • Clairvoyance
  • Charmspeak/Hypnotic Singing
  • Following from that and based on Galadriel maybe telepathy??
  • Cause people to fall asleep (subset of Hypnotic Singing)
  • Magic healing
  • Depending on what, exactly, she did to destroy Sauron’s tower, this could range from Cursebreaking to some sort of sonic blast to light blasts to Fucking Earthquakes.
  • Judging from her Mom and the fact that no one tried to bother her to take the Silmaril back maybe magic warding/barriers/shields?

Tl;Dr: Luthien Tinuviel was ridiculously and terrifyingly powerful and that’s presumably without frequent training and use. What the FUCK could she do if she’d been trained to fight with magic.