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Autumn Witchy Giveaway!

Hello friends! In an effort to promote my Etsy shop (link in text), I’m running an autumn giveaway! Most, if not all, of the items are from my shop, so please take a look if you are interested! The items are as follows:

-Spirits of Samhain casting herbs
-Patchouli votive candle
-Carnelian tree of life pendant
-Wire-wrapped crystal (any)
-Large spell bottle (any)
-Random incense sticks
-Random tumbled crystals
-Autumn Mist tea from the local tea shoppe
-A handwritten one-card tarot reading
-A random witchy-like journal
-Some other miscellaneous stuff that I decide to throw in 🙂 (hint: a lot)

The Rules!
-Reblog, like, I don’t care, all works
-Ends on October 31st
-International AND domestic (US) must pay for shipping (sorry, I can’t afford it!)
-Do NOT tag as giveaway, or you will not win
-Tag the post as ‘thedruidsforest’ so that I know you read the rules 🙂
-Must be 18 or older OR have permission
-Must be following me to enter
-Giveaway is not affiliated with tumblr in any way