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Ailill and Calanon 


Ailill and Calanon are characters in the fanfic At the Edge of Lasg’len by Spamberguesa and AnnEllspethRaven.

From author: 

 Ailill is a falconer who is well-regarded by all in his field but is a bit of a mess in his personal life. One day he finds out that Tolkien’s elves are real, and is brought into their midst. This is how he meets Calanon, a wood-elf in the service of King Thranduil. Calanon was born close to the end of the Third Age of Middle Earth, and was an elfling during the Battle Under the Trees. This unlikely pair finds each other in companionship and love, and furthers one of the central messages of our story–that love abides in many different forms.