starshrouded: i had the Supreme luck of commis…


i had the Supreme luck of commissioning the brilliantly talented @jodeeeart for a beautiful piece of my dear Astraeus (they/them) & @exnobis / @dalathin‘s Molag Isra Nox (he/him) in their The Elder Scrolls verse. Jodie was an absolute delight to work with & I highly recommend commissioning if you ever get the chance to do so.

The little details in the up-close really seal this piece: Nox’s confident posture & little smirk as he looks at Astra & how very posed Astra is as they too look at him, even if far more subtly. ( Also, I find it very humorous that Astra looks small next to Nox, in his proper demiprince form, when they are in fact, 6′/182.88 cm )