A bit of market research


friends and I (collectively a bunch of history, politics, and gaming
nerds) are working on an independent campaign setting compatible with
5th edition D&D.  We have more than a year’s worth of progress and
are reaching the point where I’m comfortable discussing our goals in
public. I would love to get some feedback from followers.

We’ve set up a quick 8 question survey you can take here.

Comments in reply to this are also definitely welcome.

basic premise is that a few centuries ago, a magical disaster happened
that covered the campaign world in wild magic zones of varying
intensity. Since magic was no longer reliable, alternate methods were
needed to achieve the same effects leading to slow but steady
technological progress up to the present day.  This is broadly analogous
to Earth’s mid-industrial revolution period. I want to clarify this is
not an explicitly steampunk setting. We’re taking inspiration from
real-life’s early imperial era and attempting to work fantasy elements
into that in a coherent and entertaining manner. We are also definitely
avoiding the tired cliche of magic vs technology.

selected this period for a number of reasons (besides the fact that the
creative team is quite familiar with it). The middle of the 19th
century was a period where:

  • Nationalism and liberalism first began posing an existential threat to monarchies
  • Inequality gave rise to the first secular communalist/socialist & anarchist movements
  • Industrial warfare was still in its infancy
  • The great empires were first becoming established
  • Large portions of the world were still unexplored
  • Nations regularly committed both great feats and unflinching atrocities

by no means a comprehensive list, but I think those present some great
opportunities for storytelling. Anyway, I plan on creating a dev blog
for it and posting the occasional snippet here to drum up interest.

Reblogging this since I’m halfway to a valid sample size on the survey.