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Description:  —SHERHANTZI OMOROSE—Class: Monk, Way of the Open HandRace: Half Elf (Human and Mountain Elf)
Sherhantzi Omorose is a Monk from the Zanastr Monastery in the highest peaks of the Pallidmane… a secluded haven of ice and stone. When she was away on pilgrimage to finish her training, tragedy befell Zanastr… it was completely eradicated by a force that she still, to this day, has not identified. The monastery walls were left in ruins and her family, friends, and peers lost their lives in the chaos. Now, with no life to return to and incomplete teachings, she viewed her role as a Zanastr Monk as forfeit… and left both her old life and her studies behind. She wandered the western world and eventually came to the kingdom of Lamizor where she fell in with the wrong crowd, for the wrong reasons. She took up work for a local crime lord as an Enforcer, using her past skills to beat people to bloody pulps for owed coin, vengeance, and sometimes, for no reason at all. After years in the dark underworld of the city, her morals shifted yet again. Memories of her monastic past and her lost ideals called to her, as if lifting her up from her great fall. They lured out of Lamizor, to begin her life anew with a clean slate.Now, having found her place as a temporary citizen of Creeklily, she had enjoyed a momentary peace… until fate plucked her yet again from its comforts.The world is rife with adventure and answers to questions that she and her new comrades need answered. With her dark past haunting her, she sets out to find her true self and to discover the origins of the Veil with her newfound allies.
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